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Complete Intel or AMD processor desktop PC's that are as powerful as any competitors on the market. These 'White Box" systems are custom designed from the motherboard up to the tower case they are in. Video adapters, hard drive, memory, optical and additional drives can be selected to complete your system. Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, or any of the choice you desire. Office Suite and security software to protect your computer from daily hackers. All can be added or omitted on the system.



Issues with desktop, laptop systems? Maybe you require technical support for your wireless network at home or the office. We can service you anywhere within 25 miles from our location in Southern California. Why choose us? Because we like to resolve PC issues in the environment of your computer. Many issues arise because the system needs to be connected to your network, printers, scanners, wireless devices and more. Our service requires some detail aspect from you in order to assist you properly. Our prices will be affordable and reasonable to help your computer needs. Starting quotes from as low as $25. plus travel!



This is our newest solution center for those who are in business or intend to start a new business by promoting your products and services to an audience online. Providing eCom solution in platforms that makes your life easier and secured. If you are a brick-n-mortar business desiring to begin an online solution or simply like to offer drop-ship products. We can develop a fully interactive platform that will accept credit card processing and full-fill orders online 365/24/7.