Samsung Galaxy S5 Software and Camera Review

Samsung Galaxy S5 Software and Camera Review

Samsung is proposing high with the Galaxy S5. In our earlier article we made a detailed look at the specific characteristics of the brand-new handset along with an analysis of the new 5.1 inch Super AMOLED HD screen. Now we review two more important features of any modern period smartphone, the camera and software.


The S5 sees pre lay with the most recent explanation 4.4.2( codename KitKat) of the Android operating system over which fees Samsung’s own TouchWiz software.

TouchWiz is Samsung’s in-house software that is overlaid on top of the Android system with the aim of computing features and improving usability. On previous generations the software has altered high standards software quite dramatically, a practice that often moves disapproval from users.

The implementation on the S5 is different. It demonstrates clearly that Samsung have expended much more day and effort to get the software to integrate more seamlessly into Android. The improved icons ogle simple and fresh while apps such as the S Planner calendar have been redesigned to look clean compared next to their S4 counterparts. The overall influence is more integrated

Another bugbear of modern smartphones is the amount of excessive added apps and software installed from the factory, often designed to push particular smartphone distributes aim from the manufacturer implied. It certainly tend to bungle the brand-new device suffer. Thankfully Samsung have realised this and now such components are straightened apart in the Galaxy Essentials and Galaxy Gifts widgets where the user is available to pick what to install. This is an superb move which will hopefully catch on amongst the other three main smartphone manufacturers.


Despite this pushing of potentially unsolicited software, Samsung has thankfully wrap some very useful apps with the S5.

One of the standout preloaded apps is My Magazine, where a brook of epitomes links to news articles from Flipboard, same in implementation to HTC’s BlinkFeed. My Magazine can be to turn in the adjusts as there’s nothing worse than trying to avoid a athletics solution when your smartphones automatic word app ceases up botching it for you regardless!

Another honorable application mention be applicable to Samsung Smart Switch. It aims to simplify the process of swapping data, contacts and media from your old-time phone to your new one and good of all it works with Android and iOS. Simply enter your iCloud details and it downloads everything you need to your brand-new handset.

Improvements have also been made to Samsung’s S Health app which is currently peculiarity a heart rate observer to complement the existing pedometer, usage and food-tracking parts. Readings are taken by pulping a digit against the sensor below the buttock camera which can then be used within the app to reaches more focused training.

Samsung are also taking the fight to Apple with the inclusion of Fingerprint checking. To use it you have to swipe down from the screen and over the elliptical button, which is a little more difficult to use than the Apple iPhone system where you simply residence a figure on the home button. We’d expect to see further refinements to the usability of the Samsung system in future implementations.


The camera statistics are a 16 MP sensor with 4K video capability.

First notions are that the autofocus is earnestly immediate, with Samsung calculating it’s as fast as 0.3 s between pulping the button and reaching focus. We can’t verify that figure but it surely find one of the quickest out there.

The 16 MP sensor captivates pictures with accurate qualities, superb compare and batch of detail without too much noise, often a problem with high-pitched mega pixel hardware. It also has an superb HDR mode which has been improved a great deal over its predecessor. In detail “its one” of the best we’ve seen on any smartphone. The acceleration at which it handles personas is particularly impressive.

If the S5′ s camera struggles anywhere it is in low-pitched glowing problems where it tumbles behind rivals the HTC One( M8) and LG G3. Colours remain accurate but noise levels multiplication dramatically with some visualizes looking too grainy to be usable.

Selective focus is Samsung’s name for its post fire variable focus engineering, a variation of which is available on most high cease handsets right now. It is similar to competitors although one palpable drawback is that the mode has to be selected before the picture is made, unlike that of the HTC M8. Overall though it works well and is surely specific features worth having.

With regards to video, the S5 joins the Galaxy Note 3( together with a few other high intent smartphones) in having a 4K recording answer. Footage is smooth and ogles super abrupt. The only trouble with 4K is the lack of acceptable flaunts on which to show the footage. In most cases the regular 1080 p footage is perfectly acceptable.

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