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The new way to create high performace computer solutions and secruity surveillance systems that works with any Point-of-Sale platforms

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Hello and thanks for visiting "BuyitPC" on the web! Now that you're here, you can learn a little about us!

We’ve been humbly servicing IT (computers, CCTV, POS, Facebook Marketing, & Website Design) here in La Mirada for over a 25 years now! We're a home based business and humbly expanding our business venture by diversification all best to serve you better.

With many happy and satisfied friends and customers, you can rest assured that we are in your corner to help build a solution that delivers. We service not only in the city of Whittier, but all surrounding cites.

Providing the utmost hardware and software manufactures, partner with Microsoft, Intel, AMD we can provide solutions to help your business grow.

System builders are highly appreciated by our partners, that we regret to mention we have laptops, portable devices and more to serve you.

Technical aspects is also a vital key to success when it comes to technology. Knowledge of installation of wireless networks, configuring hardware to support the needs of your IT solutions is our major goal.


Many companies desire the need of social interaction, and without the skill set to take action it can leave a business at mercy of the beholder.

One avenue of skill set is training, we offer the opportunity to engage with your prospect target with social media in ways that no other IT professional can offer. It's an exclusive method that requires a skill who follows mentors of the trade.


Vendors of store-front software like our Point-of-Sale packages, are something which clients eager to install. Concentrating on wireless devices to help our clientele expand their sales with repeat customers.

Hardware and software connections make this happen. We are a solution provider! Taking technology to the next level where all transactions are conducted smoothly and efficiently.

Our Support Team Provides Explications

Now you can rest assure that any kind of issues arise in your IT business we can assist

Our team


Diversification has its rewards, and building relationships with our customers from Broadening those skills expresses the power of our capacity.

Our team brings strength with Mobile Applications,  Website Design, Facebook Marketing, POS solutions, Surveillance Security, new PC hardware, Gaming systems, portal devices like laptops and MP3s has the advantage over our competitions.

Our programs

Taking your business to the next level is something we strive to accomplish for you, its prudent and significant that every target traffic and potential reach is established. It's the reason that we developed the program to help build that rapport.

Hardware and software is not the only solution we offer, if you eager to grow your business the online channel of experts is something that Buyit-PC has perpetrated.

Mobile Apps, Website Sales Funnels, Membership sites, Facebook Marketing are the newest programs that we have implemented. All to assist you with growth and reach for new clients to come.

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For 25 years Buyit PC has been servicing the surrounding cities and neighbors that require PC service. If you require a wireless network installation, a simple replacement on your computer?

We're here to serve.  If you need a mobile solution, or a store front application, all of these platforms and products are available.

Drop us a line: (562) 217-3694

Or simply email us: dmorales@buyitpc.com


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Flemington Court in La Mirada,