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Now you can rest assure that any kind of issues arise in your IT business we can assist

We specialize in removing and preventing computer viruses. Your desktop pc or laptop can easily be infected simply from download and visiting sites you have no clue as to how you obtained it! So, it's our job to be thorough and do a deep scanned and cleaned your system to its natural point.

We also will recommend the latest and greatest security program that will help you keep the viruses from ever returning.

Among this service we can't help but to be well versed in addressing how to avoid catching viruses in the near future. There are certain actions to avoid clicking on…this will help you at observance to protect your pc relatively free from future invasions.

Our one goal is determining if your PC system needs a spring cleaning.  Many times people feel they need to bring in their computers, although you can but we offer an onsite visit merely because of the environment your system is in. Although you can call to bring it in.

Our tune ups cover a lot of ground, like getting rid of temp files that build up over time, repairing damaged windows files, removing basic malware, and tuning up your browsers and helping with updates that are safe when you aren't sure.

Another arena which we stress in relevance... data. It's vital and crucial how many people neglect to focus on their data. As most customers never consider or know how to back up their system. Years of photos, music, word documents, and sometimes email if you aren't using gmail or yahoo.

When your hard drive starts to exhibit issues, being slow, noisy, or when it's extremely hot during the summer months, it's prudently important to get that drive to us so we can clone it over to a new drive, or simply back your data unto the cloud. In the event that your drive does not start up, rest assured that we're here at our disposal to determine the next course of action.


It's true that technology moves forward and we all require new hardware to keep up with the updates and not worrying about something internally fail. It's prudent and vital that hardware replacement sometimes is required. A hard drive, a motherboard, memory fails, many issues can cause your computer to stop and not work.

Every component has a life expectancy, and once you are aware of time being the enemy in life in general it's very true to your computer as well.

So, if anything goes bad on your computer, we can replace it. Laptop screens, video cards, memory, hard drives and just about anything else that can go wrong, which at some point we can get you back up and working.

It's essential that computers simply need a fresh install of it's operating system, it allows the computer to have a fresh start to work with and perform like it did when you first got it.

Corrupted files, bad updates, or simply infections that go beyond a virus removal process. We simply need to re-image your computer at factory start. So, we’ll save your files first, if we can, and perform a complete system recovery, complete with updates, new browser versions and the installation of security software.

You’d be completely surprised how much cheaper it really can be in the long run to keep your older computer versus buying a new one.


Buyit PC Loves Solving Issues

Our support staff works perfectly with crisis situations...

Why We Exist

One process we adore more than anything else is getting connected with our clients, they are vital and important individuals. Our friendly associations to them is what makes us strong and reliable. Every client we serve have been loyal and happy to how we provide computer services to them.

An important quality we cherish is how our patronage has referred us to their friends and family when they have computer issues. That's a devotion that most companies can not obtain.

Our goals is to strive and provide the utmost service beyond any competitor, we'd been at this for over 25 years and have seen the development of the first XT and 286 processors, when the biggest hard drive used a ribbon connection to a 386 processor using the Amber or green monitors and EGA was the popular color monitor.

We are here to serve and grow with our clients, and many have used us since the beginning of our existence. Our goal is to resolve PC issues.


Steven Ramsdell has been a loyal client of our and bought two system from us with the thought now to upgrading to Windows 10 which just become available in July of 2015.

Leon Lesa is a local handy man with cabinets and molding, he came to us because his old Windows Visa computer was on it's last leg of surviving. Fortunately we were able to salvage his data in time before the computer died entirely and now he is working with a Small form factor Acer computer with Windows 7 on it. All his data is secured and he is happy as a carpenter can be!

Bob (Robert) Harmon. one of our favorite customers since 1990 - he's a dance teacher at the age of 87 and loves his computers so much he prefers them over having his late dog Maggie. Bob is old school, and being he is one of our most devoted clients - he continues to use DOS and legacy applications and really dislikes upgrading his software.


What People Say About Us…

Whenever there are issues we can't be sure on, we call upon Buyit-PC to assist us with the right technology and get the support we so eagerly need to continue with our use of the computer.

In most cases their response time is within 2 to 8 hours when after a call is placed, and a prompt service to repairing the computer. This is a standard protocol we issue, unless the scheduling is required upon a timely matter within 24 to 48 hours at the latest.

Many clients are extremely satisfied with the quality of support and promptness in time that issues are typically resolved and customer are up and back into business.

Cutting edge technology has been considered defiant to engage, although the latest hardware can fail and is resolved immediately with manufacture support.

Under the issues of infections and spyware issues, a prompt response is one issue that has lead many satisfactory clients to returning to us for further assistance within their business.

“Fast and courteous service. I requested some help on my computer and was educated on the best tools possible to keep my computer up and running smoothly.”

Rick Smith

“Upgrades always seem to be an issue for me, and one thing I had to have needed to be working. Fortunately, with all my graphic skills and tools that we use it became a breeze.

Buyit-pc saved me with my headaches, now I'm working with the latest Windows 10.”

Art Rios Jr.

“I had an old laptop with issues, too many outdated applications and no security on my machine that I had no choice but to call Buyitpc and request a solution. They offered me options.

After considering my situation I was ready to invest into a new laptop with similar configuration that my old one had and now its faster and better now. Plus they added a wireless printer and now I'm in heaven! ”

Eleanor Cha

“I needed my printer to be online, and couldn't for the life of me, and figuring it out would have been a nightmare. My urgency of being a legal assistant required a technical skill technician to resolve my issue, they did!

They were fast, and responsive to getting me up and running quickly so I wouldn't have any down time. I will surely call them again and refer them when someone I know needs assistance.”

Mira Ore

You Can't Go Wrong With Our Services...

So many support issues resolved in a really fast time

When support is a must, please contact us immediately to schedule an appointment.

Our hours are:

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Phone: (562) 217.3694

E-mail: dmorales@buyitpc.com

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Our support team is 100% Behind You. If you're not happy for any reason, simply let our friendly support team know (via email) and we'll happily make it good.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How much will cost to repair my computer?

We charge a $65 Computer Diagnostics fee. This fee gets rolled into the total cost of your repair. For more specific pricing, please inquire here: dmorales@buyitpc.com  to have a better idea of we will charge you.  If you are getting multiple services at once, we roll everything together to save you money instead of charging you for each service individually.

I need my data to be recovered. Can you recover my data?

We offer basic data recovery services. If your hard drive is not physically damaged and does not display any signs of internal damage (for example: beeping and/or clicking noises), we can recover your data. If we cannot recover your data, we charge a small fee for the time spent trying to recover your data and will recommend a data specialist in the area.

I think that I have a virus. Can you fix viruses?


We do, and depending on the severity of the infection, like stages of cancer. First stage to fourth. As the 4th stage means the operating system and tools to remove has spread too far beyond it would be wiser to re-image the computer from it's original software. In most cases however, if the infection is manageable we can restore the system to working order.

Do you work on Apple's or iPhones?


This is a common question about Apple products, we unfortunately have no authorization to service the product. We suggest an authorized retailer who specializes in repairs and service in the local area.

My Laptop's screen is broken. Can you repair it?

Yes, we can replace broken/cracked screens. We first remove the cracked/broken screen to obtain the correct model number that can only be found on the backside of the laptop screen. We then order a replacement screen from one of our resellers. Shipping takes 3-9 business days. As soon as we receive the replacement screen, we complete the repair. You can always get expedited shipping if you need your computer fixed in a shorter time frame.

Is it worth repairing my computer, or should I consider buying a new one?

We can take a look at your computer and give you a better idea whether it is worth fixing or investing in a new computer. We will give you our most honest and expert advice. Our rule of thumb is that if the repair cost more than what your computer is worth, it’s probably best to invest in a new one. If you decide to get a new computer, we offer data transfer services to help you transfer your data from your old computer to your new computer..